Fractures can be seen on ultrasound. Part 2

A fractured fifth metatarsal is not a rare ultrasound imaging finding.   In the last post we presented you with a case of a patient who had rolled her right ankle, leading to a fracture of her fifth metatarsal bone, among several other injuries. Finding a...

Fractures can be seen on ultrasound. Part 1

A fractured fifth metatarsal, but nothing seen on x-ray.   A 24-year-old woman was referred for ultrasound, having rolled her right ankle playing netball.  The injury had occurred approximately two months prior to referral, but the right ankle was still swollen,...

Shoulder pain: remember the exceptions. Part 3

Does Teres minor muscle atrophy matter?   In the previous two posts, we introduced a case of shoulder pain in a competitive swimmer, and picked off the first of two questions we had posed ourselves, discussing some ideas regarding what might cause the teres minor...

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